Racami and Timitoo Systems Announce Strategic Partnership

Atlanta, Georgia—On August 30th, 2019, Racami LLC, the IT services and software company, announced a new strategic relationship with Timitoo Systems Inc, a leading corporation in the Correspondence Management space. As part of the alliance, Racami is offering the Timitoo Systems Correspondence platform as a component of the Alchem-e™ suite of CCM products. Timitoo's Correspondence platform has many features that augment Racami's offering, most importantly are the design and formatting capabilities for creating consumer messages that are sent through multiple channels. This strategic alliance positions Racami and Timitoo Systems as leaders in the very complex communication and digitally dynamic environments that organizations face today.

Timitoo Systems takes a unique approach to Correspondence Management, in which the document design originates from the "digital beginning" versus a paper document. This methodology eliminates the constraints of the page-oriented design process. In addition to the Correspondence solution, Timitoo offers a robust post composition and AFP generation toolkit, including support for IPDS output, to drive high volume production print solutions. The combined Racami-Timitoo platform can be deployed on premise, in a cloud, or as a hybrid solution. Timitoo System's CEO, Markus Kleiber, commented, "Our partnership with Racami opens new growth areas for Timitoo, especially in organizations which rely on data in AFP format to be leveraged in high volume print operations. All of these organizations are faced with complex production issues that Racami and Timitoo now make far easier to solve."

This expanded solution offering boosts Racami's competitive edge, providing flexibility to address the diverse needs of the customers they serve. Matt Mahoney, the Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at Racami stated "If you're an AFP shop you know how difficult it is to support a multichannel world. Most consumers don't have an AFP viewer, but everyone can read a PDF, web page, or text. Racami and Timitoo's combined offering is tuned to simplify AFP printing environments and handle intricate multichannel workflows."

About Timitoo
Timitoo Systems is an Output Management Solutions company providing modern approaches to document creation, management, and distribution. Timitoo's deep knowledge of AFP, PDF, and HTML provide a linkage from established technologies to newer communication standards. Timitoo's Correspondence platform simplifies the job of creating consumer communications for multiple channels by working back from the "digital beginning".

About Racami
Racami LLC is a fast-growing and innovative multi-national software and IT services company that improves the performance of customer communication processes and advances multi-channel initiatives. Racami is revolutionizing the way customer communications are produced and distributed using its flagship customer communications management (CCM) platform Alchem-e™. In addition to their software, Racami provides industry specialized professional services and software development for insurance, financial, healthcare, book publishing, and marketing companies.

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