Guides & Ebooks

Your Guide to Effective Customer Communications in 2020

Learn what companies identified as the top 6 things they worry about when it comes to communicating with their customers. This guide explores the most common problems and provides ideas for solving them. 

Full Speed Ahead: How to Make Variable Data PDF Files That Won’t Slow Your Digital Press

Poorly designed PDF files required to print variable data disrupt production and reduce ROI. This guide offers advice to anyone with a stake in Variable Data Printing including graphic designers, print buyers, composition developers and users.

E-book: Multichannel Customer Communications and Its Effect on the Customer Experience

Organizations everywhere understand their customers want to engage with them in a variety of ways. The preferred channel of communication varies among customers.

Design a Future-Proof Omnichannel Roadmap

This template will help you analyze the current state of your organization and define the set of initiatives needed in the short and long term to implement a multi-stage omnichannel execution.