Operational Tracking & Measurement

Operational Tracking & Measurement

✔️ Track files, jobs, inventory, postage, and production splits to continuously improve productivity, delivery times, and quality

✔️ Receive piece-level tracking that will allow you to confirm that every item was accurately produced

✔️ Produce reports and charts that let you look at data in various ways for ease of understanding and insight

✔️ Measure load profile, efficiency, machines, people, and utilization to streamline operations

Data Processing Automation

✔️ Automate your data processing with the Alchem-e™ FLOW workflow engine

✔️ Create different workflows without the need of IT developers

✔️ Design your workflows by sequencing tasks in the Alchem-e™ FLOW graphical user interface

✔️ Monitor the health of your workflow to ensure steps are being performed correctly and on time

Data Processing Automation & Workflow Automation
Document Re-Engineering

Document Re-engineering

✔️ Change jobs and documents without going back to composition

✔️ Enable production to make run-time decisions without involving IT

✔️ Index PDFs to simplify the process of collecting information about jobs for re-engineering and archiving purposes

✔️ Re-engineer different features

  • Add and replace barcodes
  • Handle postal processing for already composed jobs like PDF and PS jobs
  • Remove and add pages
  • Add text, graphics and messages
  • Perform message management
  • Batch and combine jobs

Storefront Management

✔️  Web facing place for your customers to submit orders

✔️ Enables print-on-demand and variable data printing

✔️ Compose documents right on the storefront

✔️ Proofs are available instantly before submitting to production

✔️ Custom form fills to ask customers to describe their jobs

✔️ Shopping cart

✔️ Payments integrated, or connect to your preferred payment processor

✔️ Reordering

✔️ Integrate into MIS, ERP, and billing systems

Storefront Management
Multichannel Delivery

Multi-channel Delivery

✔️ Plug-ins and readily available connectors to multi-channel platform

✔️ Keep your investment and in-house knowledge while we harness the power of Alchem-e to work for you

✔️ Preference management to send the right information using the right channel

✔️ Creating jobs that are compatible with their destined channel (SMS, email, web, mail)

✔️ Creating templates used to personalize electronic communications

✔️ Secure document archive for retrieval over the Internet

✔️ Track deliveries through the channels

Database Management & Hosting

Database Management & Hosting

✔️ Database hosting on secure cloud

✔️ Monitoring, tuning, backups

✔️ High availability

✔️ Database updating

✔️ Security audits

✔️ Ability to store data and documents

✔️ Dashboard to access to interact with data and documents, produce reports, and other uses

✔️ SQL, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, others

IT Services

Racami’s managed IT services and staffing solutions provide business and technical expertise that enables organizations to achieve their goals fast and cost-effectively. We support companies across a broad array of industries with customer onboarding, technology migrations, merging facilities, software development, and QA. Additionally, our qualified team of experts can help you overcome a wide variety of technical problems that will allow you to take advantage of business opportunities to advance your operation in the most productive way. Whether you want to be more efficient, better serve your customers or generate more revenue, we put our expertise to work for you.
IT Services

Technology Integrations

Integrating Midnight by Print Reach and Alchem-e

Print Reach Midnight Print and Mail MIS software allows you to drive your whole business from the web, mobilize your sales force, and streamline projects to meet the needs of your customers. Integrating Midnight’s Storefront functionality with Alchem-e™ eliminates redundant data entry of orders into the production workflow.

Alchem-e™ CCM Platform will track the order through production processes and integrate with Midnight print and mail functionality along the way such as print queues, inventory management, job scheduling, and postage accounting.

  • Integration: API
  • Automation: Utilizing workflow automation eliminates manual entry steps reduces errors and increases productivity.
  • Visibility: Customers can request quotes, receive job status and view inventory
  • Control: Control visibility of order and inventory status to clients in a manner of your choosing.

Salesforce and Alchem-e

Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for sales, service, marketing, and more offers new ways of connecting to customers. Alchem-e™ integration with Salesforce connects two powerful process builder tools to automate and control workflows. Complex business processes managed by Salesforce can integrate with the Alchem-e™ CCM Platform to control operational processes for the digital and physical production processing and distribution of customer communications. As Alchem-e™ maintains visibility and control of the production process status information and metadata is returned to the Salesforce CRM.

  • Integration: SOAP and REST based APIs
  • Control: Providing programmatic access to your organization’s information using simple, powerful, and secure application interfaces
  • Automation: Help everyone spend less time on repetitive tasks with tools that can automate businesses process for any user
  • Analytics: Take care of data prep, modeling, and infrastructure so everyone has a data scientist at their fingertips.

SugarCRM and Alchem-e

SugarCRM enables businesses to create customer relationship management (CRM) solutions focused exclusively on the customer relationship. Alchem-e™ integration with SugarCRM brings together your business insights system for sales, marketing, and management with the production CCM platform for digital and physical production management and operational teams. Alchem-e™ integration with the SugarCRM Quote Management features can track a quote through Alchem-e™ Proof and Approval and beyond to production delivery with a closed-loop response into SugarCRM to automate sales closeout processes. Alchem-e™ and SugarCRM campaign management integration enables visibility of delivery point verification for both digital and physical distribution processes.

  • Integration: REST API
  • Automation: Automation control between quotes and production
  • Visibility: Track campaigns across multiple channels
  • Analytics: Unlock the inherent value of information through insights that enable efficient and effective management of metrics that matter.

Connecting EFI Pace Print MIS and production with Alchem-e

EFI is focused on the growth and success of your print business. Efi’s Pace Print MIS solutions support and provide organizations with a productivity suite focused on expanding the integration of estimating, quoting, accounting, and sales to maximize an organization’s profit potential. Alchem-e™ integration with Efi compliments the feature rich capabilities that Efi Pace Print MIS by providing a seamless integration to the end-to-end production workflow through digital processing, connecting to EFI’s own digital front end solutions for print operations, and beyond through fulfillment and distribution with a closed loop response back into the EFI Pace Print MIS platform. With the Alchem-e™ CCM Platform driving the end-to-end production workflow and organization utilizing the Efi Pace Print MIS, sales and customer service can focus customer-facing activities for the organization.

  • Integration: APIs and JDF Workflow
  • Workflow: Reduces touch points and cuts costs by streamlining operations
  • Automation: Increases operational efficiencies and maximizes profits through process automation
  • Visibility: Provides easy and fast access to information needed to win more business anytime anywhere

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Alchem-e

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an adaptable enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, helping automate and connect sales, purchasing, operations, accounting, and inventory management. Alchem-e™ integration with Dynamics NAV connects ERP/MIS actions with production workflow for the digital and physical processes. With the Alchem-e™ CCM Platform maintaining visibility and status to production workflow processes, identifying completion activities have never been easier to close the loop with ERP/MIS solutions.

  • Integration: SOAP and OData Web Services
  • Workflow: Approval processes controlled for pricing, estimates, and payments
  • Automation: Execute routines to calculate activities through Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Control: Automated Data Capture System – keep data accurate, even in a hectic environment

Automated Bell and Howell Insertion with Alchem-e™ Workflows

Bell and Howell provides customers automated high-volume mail insertion and finishing systems provide production mail operations with efficient mail processing. Integrating Alchem-e™ with your Bell and Howell mail insertion equipment and software automates distribution of mail data information and corresponding record response and production status details. Workflow automation between Alchem-e™ and automated mail equipment provides two-way real-time visibility between the production floor and workflow stakeholders.

  • Automation: Delivery of mail data instructions to insertion equipment to support machine control with automatic capturing of record results data
  • Workflows: Providing visibility of work in-process and inbound to drive SLA and capacity management processes
  • Analytics: Consolidated metrics historical and real-time reporting by client, product, equipment, operator, shift, month, week, day, and more

Pitney Bowes Mail Insertion with Alchem-e™ Visibility

Pitney Bowes mail insertion equipment and software delivers on speed, compliance and flexibility to achieve operational excellence. Through the integration of Alchem-e™ with Pitney Bowes solutions, synergy between workflow control and production floor productivity is achieved. Technology integration ensures automated loading of MRDF files between Alchem-e™ and Pitney Bowes keeps production equipment running while maximizing tracking and reporting capabilities within the CCM Platform. Software integration provides visibility to all critical data enabling consolidated reporting through Alchem-e™ of all file, job, and record details.

  • Integration: Seamless connectivity for loading and reading of MRDF in/out data to maximize integrity.
  • Workflows: Providing production teams and management workflow status of in-process and inbound jobs from print to execute resource management
  • Visibility: Providing production and customer views into the status of production jobs and record audit requests

Sensible Technologies Automated Insertion with Alchem-e

Sensible Technologies offers simple intelligent inserting solutions with the scalability and flexibility to adapt to future demands. Alchem-e™ integration with Sensible Technologies automates mail equipment, provides production workflow stoke-holds with status information and visibility while delivering valuable insights to production floor processing to support analytics and metrics reporting.

  • Workflows: Workflow controls to route job to predefined production paths based on product assembly requirements and equipment capabilities
  • Visibility: Department capacity and SLA management tools to deliver success from visibility of work in-process and inbound from print production
  • Analytics: Data to measure and optimize resource performance

Kern Mail Insertion and Alchem-e

Kern provides production grade mail insertion equipment that delivers consistent results. Integration with Alchem-e™ automates the delivery of of mail instruction data to the Kern mail inserters and automatically processes completed record files as jobs complete on the production floor. Keeping job and record details current within Alchem-e™ as processing completes, ensures visibility is maintained within the production environment to successfully manage end-to-end processes and service levels to customers.

  • Control: Secure connectivity between data processing and mail insertion equipment to drive integrity of mail data instructions and processing results
  • Workflows: Status tracking and throughput progress to support SLA management
  • Analytics: Record detail controls provide reconciliation of successful communications and compliance tracking of requested audit records

Neopost and Alchem-e

Neopost provides equipment and software solutions to facilitate the management of communications. Through the integration of Alchem-e™ with Neopost solutions, workflow processes assist stakeholders with visibility, accountability, and control of digital and physical processes. Technology integrations automate the distribution and retrieval of mail insertion data to drive equipment control and insertion results back to Alchem-e™. Software integration provides visibility to all critical data enabling consolidated reporting through Alchem-e™ of all file, job, and record details.

  • Visibility: Real-time information and statistics to manage your mail center and a new window into your operation
  • Accountability: Verification capability confirms every piece of mail has been processed accurately, providing “closed loop” piece-level integrity
  • Analytics: Evaluate performance among jobs, operators and systems or compare data across time – months, weeks or even days – or focus on metrics including throughput, run times and content

Bringing together your ExactTarget data into Alchem-e

ExactTarget provides your organization with literally hundreds of email features to support your organization. Alchem-e™ connects your ExactTarget information, reports, and email distribution features with the rest of your organizational workflow and data processes. If your business operation wants to become data-driven, the ability to bring all of your data together is essential. Your ExactTarget data integrated within Alchem-e™ provides you the insights to make real-time business decisions and utilize the latest recipient preference management data to support your multi-channel distribution processes.

  • Integration: ExactTarget and Custom APIs using SOAP envelopes
  • Workflows: Proactively track the percentage of your messages hitting the inbox or bulk folder and detect spam triggers before you send
  • Accountability: Quickly approve emails and collaborate across teams with this workflow process, helping you control email quality while managing internal reviews
  • Automation: Automate consolidated data, messaging, reports, and the customer journey within a single workflow management tool

OpenText™ Exstream
Personalized Communications from Exstream through Alchem-e

Exstream enables organizations to optimize customer engagement through the design of personalized communications. By integrating with the Alchem-e™ CCM platform’s automation features provide accountability, command and control to the delivery workflows. Integrating your Exstream document composition processes, data processing applications, and multi-channel distribution processes within Alchem-e™ provides your organization and your customers the end-to-end visibility desired to deliver success.

  • Integration: Custom API with Exstream command line instructions
  • Automation: Fluid transition from print to digital; efficiently manage integrated print and digital processes in Alchem-e™ to eliminate workflow disconnects
  • Workflows: Real-time personalization for new channels with little effort
  • Control: Data reconciliation from application, system, and sources

FAXAGE and Alchem-e

FAXAGE serves it’s customers by providing email and Internet fax services to organizations. By bringing FAXAGE into Alchem-e™ CCM platform, automation controls ensure fax distribution workflows are managed, tracked, and reported to the exact same accountability standards used for print and digital distribution workflows. Alchem-e™ integration with FAXAGE brings together fax distribution reconciliation and tracking statuses to deliver accountability to every communication processed through the CCM platform.

  • Integration: Custom API, Https Posts
  • Automation: Flexible solution designed to your organization’s needs
  • Workflows: Outbound distribution and inbound workflow automation
  • Analytics: Real-time statuses for fax communications sent and received to include ingestion of FAXAGE system audit logs

GMC Software (Now Quadient)
Personalized Communications from Exstream through Alchem-e

GMC software helps organizations transition communications to digital channels allowing each customer interaction a unique and consistent experience with the organization’s brand throughout the customer’s journey. Bringing together the Alchem-e™ and GMC integrates the multi-channel distribution workflows into a single CCM platform providing consistency to data utilization and message content. Integrating GMC Software within the Alchem-e™ application engine to manage the interaction, visibility and status of the application provides the organization with a centralized platform to deliver efficient control over all critical processes.

  • Integration: Custom API with GMC command line instructions
  • Automation: Distributed output management and process automation for highly targeted print and electronic communications
  • Workflows: Delivering highly individualized communications across all channels that span the entire customer journey
  • Control: Providing a consistent experience to the customer irrelevant of the distribution channel

JangoMail and Alchem-e

JangoMail is a permission-based email solution provider offering services for transactional and marketing emails. Alchem-e™ automates the workflow controls to support your organization’s email sending processes through your JangoMail account. Alchem-e™ workflows ensure the correct email template is always used for each file processed to avoid compliance and branding violations. Integrating your JangoMail data with all your Alchem-e™ data provides business users with visibility across all multi-channel processes in a single platform.

  • Integration: JangoMail and Custom APIs
  • Automation: mass email, select message triggers and advanced scheduling make it easy to automate transactional and marketing emails
  • Analytics: Watch email statistics updated in real time within your Alchem-e™ CCM platform along with all other multi-channel suppliers
  • Workflows: Suite of delivery features and tools that helps ensure your emails are delivered to your customer’s inboxes

MailChimp Email with Alchem-e

MailChimp’s marketing email automation solution enables your organization to leverage prebuilt strategies to communication through email to your customers. Bringing MailChimp within the Alchem-e™ CCM platform enables distribution processes to use the latest preference management selections to ensure the customer is receiving the communication in the correct manor they have chosen. Integrating your MailChimp data with all your Alchem-e™ data provides business users with visibility across all multi-channel processes in a single platform.

  • Integration: MailChimp API, Custom API, Https Post
  • Workflow: Leverage existing data to send personalized communications
  • Visibility: Real-time reporting and analytics to drive what you want to see when you need it to make smart business decisions
  • Analytics: Your MailChimp data shows how well you are connecting with your customers while Alchem-e™ integrates it with your multi-channel data

Marketing Email Through StreamSend with Alchem-e

StreamSend gets you more from your organization’s marketing email campaigns. Alchem-e™ CCM platform leverages your StreamSend account to distribute marketing emails while managing related workflow processes within the Alchem-e™ CCM platform to centralize your view of all customer interactions.

  • Integration: StreamSend and Custom APIs
  • Automation: Seamless automation between workflow and email distribution
  • Workflows: Features to maximize results through segmentation
  • Analytics: Bringing your email campaign, social engagement, and view data into Alchem-e™ for real-time visibility

It’s more then just email. SubscriberMail supports your organization’s strategies, processes and tactics to drive your email communications. Integrating SubscriberMail with the Alchem-e™ CCM platform enables your organization to tightly control workflow steps and timelines associated with the email marketing campaign.

  • Integration: Custom API
  • Workflows: Manage the trigger attributes and dynamic content to deliver unlimited communication variations
  • Automation: With dynamic filters and customer data management emails can be automatically triggered when customer data meets specific criteria
  • Analytics: Alchem-e™ delivers real-time visibility of recipient behavior data

SMS Messaging through Alchem-e™ with Twilio

Alchem-e™ integrates your Twilio global SMS platform and features into your CCM Platform for control and visibility. Alchem-e™ centralizes your multi-channel processes into a single platform to include SMS messaging through your Twilio account for SMS distribution and response management. Twilio results reporting data is received and ingested into Alchem-e™ to support the centralized reporting of your business information.

  • Integration: Twilio API and REST API, Custom API
  • Visibility: Troubleshoot issues faster with logs, alerts, and threshold-based triggers
  • Automation: Route interactions from Twilio to automate preference management tasks
  • Integration: Combine Twilio data with all your integrated Alchem-e™ data into one platform

Email distribution with SendGrid and Alchem-e

SendGrid email delivery platform includes tools and expertise to make sure your customer emails get to the inbox. Alchem-e™ automates the workflow controls to support your organization’s email sending processes through your SendGrid account. Alchem-e™ can store and trigger the correct email template based on the designed workflow or trigger the correct email template from within your SendGrid account. Integrating your SendGrid data with all your Alchem-e™ data provides business users with visibility across all multi-channel processes in a single platform.

  • Integration: SendGrid API and SMTP, Custom API
  • Workflows: Integrated workflows between your SendGrid account and your Alchem-e™ CCM platform
  • Automation: We make it simple to send targeted, relevant, and wanted emails utilizing customer data insights
  • Analytics: Track sends, delivery rates, bounces, spam reports, link clicks, opens, unsubscribes, and more

PayPal Payment-Processing and Alchem-e

PayPal is committed to making financial services accessible and empowering people and businesses to join and thrive in the global economy. Integrating a storefront solution with Alchem-e™ to enable your organization to benefit from web to print services will require seamless interaction a payment-processing provider such as PayPal. While PayPal gives your buyers a simplified checkout experience that keeps them local to your website throughout the payment authorization process Alchem-e™ integration links together all mission critical processes in-between from storefront, to MIS through to final distribution of product. With Alchem-e™ centralizing of data from workflows, reconciliation between PayPal and MIS platforms are simple with traceability and visibility of all requests paid, processed and delivered.

  • Integration: NVP/SOAP API, Rest API with OAuth 2.0 for authorization
  • Automation: Automate the transaction status between your operation to PayPal through Alchem-e™ to indicate the current stage in its lifecycle
  • Workflow: Keeps the buyer on your web page or mobile app throughout the entire checkout workflow
  • Analytics: Create, schedule, and run standard PayPal Payflow service reports for transformation through Alchem-e™ to your MIS Platform

Western Union and Alchem-e

Western Union and it’s subsidiary Speedpay provides an electronic bill payment solution that help keep your business running. Alchem-e™ provides multiple integration opportunities to connect your Western Union/Speedpay processes with your digital and physical workflows. Integration of functions across multiple suppliers requires a solution to manage the connectivity of information and processes between the systems and technologies. Alchem-e™ makes this integration easy and automated by centralizing the data and automating the process steps into manageable workflows.

  • Integration: Rest API
  • Workflows: Automate the transaction status between your operation to PayPal through Alchem-e™ to indicate the current stage in its lifecycle
  • Control: Providing self-service payment tools gives customers the flexibility to pay how and when they want to
  • Analytics: View metrics to understand payment data trends to reveal which payment processes work best for the organization

DHL Tracking through Alchem-e

DHL online shipping information is accessible through web services to provide shipment tracking from over 165 countries around the world. Integrating Alchem-e™ with DHL shipping information centralizes your customer tracking data to provide visibility, accountability and control of all distribution channels and supply chain partners.

  • Integration: Consolidated reporting capability to provide 100% real-time reconciliation across all distribution channels
  • Automation: Automatic message alerts for package shipping information
  • Analytics: Supply chain performance insights compared to service levels

FedEx Tracking through Alchem-e

FedEx provides air, ground and sea shipping services to more than 220 countries and territories. Alchem-e™ web services integrations bring your FedEx shipping data into your CCM platform to streamline your workflow and automate your associated business processes.

  • Integration: Integrate common FedEx functionality into your business workflow including the ability track the status of shipments
  • Automation: Save time by automating common processes and exchanging data between information sources
  • Analytics: Measuring package shipping performance results along with compliance to supply chain service level agreements

UPS Tracking through Alchem-e

UPS provides international package delivery to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. Integration with UPS connects package delivery information with your existing customer data managed within Alchem-e™. Integrating technologies streamlines the management and visibility of all supply chain distribution channels into a single portal for your operation and your customers.

  • Integration: Flexibility to connect your shipping data with customer data
  • Automation: Delivering workflow efficiency through automating of data capture processes of shipping information
  • Analytics: Measure and compare supply chain performance and integrate with customer reporting metrics

USPS® Tracking through Alchem-e

The USPS delivers over 150 billion pieces of mail annually to over 150 million delivery points. Integrating Alchem-e™ with your USPS data provides your organization with visibility into the distribution statuses for the largest supply chain provider used for distribution of printed communications. Parcel tracking information retrieved from the USPS is consolidated with your Alchem-e™ data to provide a complete view of all package distribution providers. Integration for USPS Full-Service mailing solutions customers receive connectivity to final/last scans data from the USPS enabling greater visibility to your organization and your customers.

  • Integration: Parcel tracking and Full-Service integration options available
  • Automation: Automated intake of USPS IMB data processes the scan data and updates Alchem-e™ record details to deliver rapid response times to status inquiries and reporting
  • Analytics: Consolidated metrics and reporting of USPS delivery results for end-to-end service level and compliance tracking

BCC Software and Alchem-e

BCC Mail Manager provides your mail processing workflow with presorting, address standardization, de-duping, IMB tracking codes, USPS® CASS™ and PAVE™ Certification functions and more. Integrating Alchem-e™ with your BCC software solution enables command and control over the file processing workflow. The Alchem-e™ Engine monitors file processing to execute responsive alerting in the event of an unexpected error or application stop. Bringing together critical application processes into the CCM Platform centralizes the management and visibility to the benefit of the organization and customers.

  • Automation: process automation for consolidated bulk mailing solutions
  • Workflows: Efficient digital workflow processing time to maximize physical processing window for the operation
  • Control: Providing postal approved controls to maximize customer postage savings for each mailing

Satori Software and Alchem-e

Satori Software helps organizations of all sizes solve data-related business challenges with simply powerful software for address data management, quality and preparation. Bringing together the Alchem-e™ and Satori Software integrates the address cleansing and preparation processes with document composition workflows into a single CCM platform. Integrating Satori within the Alchem-e™ application engine to manage the interaction, visibility and status of the application provides the organization with a centralized platform to deliver efficient control over all critical processes.

  • Automation: Process records without manual intervention
  • Workflows: Management of contact data, address standardization, address cleansing, and presorting
  • Control: Maximize savings through record suppression rules

WindowBook and Alchem-e

WindowBook’s DAT-MAIL™ software Improves accuracy of postage statements, documentation, and automating Mail.dat® creation, editing, and import processes.

  • Integrating WindowBook and Alchem-™ frees up your organization from the manual interactions with the software to maximize resource time and software processing efficiency. Manual interactions and interventions due to production floor processing results is also controlled between Alchem-e™ and the WindowBook workflow to record and manage each touch point and alerts within the production process ensuring visibility to the organization.
  • Automation: Automate batch printing of communications of reports, tray tags and pallet placards
  • Workflows: Control workflow updates between operational processing of final mailing results and mail.dat submission to the USPS
  • Control: Control postage costs by easily adjusting statements for spoilage and shortages
Xerox Channel Partner Program Adds More Dealers | Industry Analysts, Inc.Xerox and Alchem-e

Xerox’s digital printing equipment and applications provide the capabilities to transform organizations to high-performing teams. Integration with the Alchem-e™ CCM Platform connects the mission critical workflows between digital and physical processes. With Alchem-e™ production management system providing a robust print management queue solution, Xerox operators can focus on equipment operations and productivity for multiple printing systems per operator. The Alchem-e™ platform processes job details with product rules to generate JDF files enabling automated submission to Xerox with the print PDL file.

  • Automation: Transparent user authentication based on the accounts of authentication server
  • Control: Flexible role based access control

Integrating Alfesco and Alchem-e™ for Maximum business Intelligence

Alfresco provides information management software to digitize critical business processes and connect people with the information they need, quickly and effortlessly. Alchem-e™ integrations with digital processing platforms, physical production equipment, and distribution channel tracking data creates a centralization of production file, job, and record detail metadata enabling the expansion of Alfresco’s information management reporting capabilities. With Alchem-e™ providing the centralization of modern and legacy data and generating workflow status events, the correlation data integration pattern is an ideal model for bi-directional synchronization of data sets between Alchem-e™ and Alfresco to extend business intelligence reporting opportunities.

  • Integration: REST API
  • Automation: Bi-directional synchronization of data sets
  • Control: Users can access information, tasks and documents to quickly and efficiently complete key business processes
  • Analytics: provide historical, current and predictive data views

Actionable Data with TIBCO Jaspersoft and Alchem-e

TIBCO Jaspersoft empowers people to make better decisions faster by bringing them timely, actionable data through an embeddable reporting and analytics platform. Integration of Jaspersoft’s templates within Alchem-e™ can support the generation of production job tickets and presentation of data and reports as designed within the Jaspersoft Studio. Jaspersoft BI tools can also integration with the Alchem-e™ database of centralized production data from legacy and modern systems to include Alchem-e™ workflow status data.

  • Integration: REST API
  • Automation: Bi-directional synchronization of data sets
  • Control: Taking information from multiple data sources and presenting it in an easy-to-read, highly interactive manor users
  • Analytics: Model, manipulate and visualize data using OLAP or in-memory analysis in order to make better decisions quickly

Integrating Microsoft Power BI with Alchem-e™ CCM Platform

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your organization. Integration with Alchem-e™ extents the Power BI insights to include the Alchem-e™ centralization database of production processing metadata details captured at the file, job, and record level.

  • Integration: REST API provides programmatic access to Dashboard resources such as Datasets, Tables, and Rows
  • Visibility: View dashboards on the web or on your phone, get alerts when data changes, and drill into details to drive business decisions
  • Control: Simplify management, achieve compliance, and keep data secure while giving people access to the insights they need
  • Analytics: Connect to hundreds of sources, prep data with ease, and create beautiful reports, taking you from data to insight to action in minutes

Google Integration and Alchem-e

Google Data Studio turns your data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable. Google Cloud Storage is a RESTful online file storage web service for storing and accessing data on Google’s infrastructure. Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. These Google products and more when integrated with Alchem-e™ create a platform of tools and business information enabling the organization to focus on optimization of business processes and services.

  • Integration: REST API
  • Visibility: Tell great data stories to support better business decisions through dashboard solutions
  • Control: Performance and scalability with advanced security and sharing capabilities
  • Analytics: Consume, share, and use analytics data to drive insights

Crawford Technologies and Alchem-e

Crawford Technologies provides software solutions that help enterprises optimize and improve the accessibility, delivery, and storage of customer communications. Crawford Technologies PRO Archiver offers universal print-stream archiving across industries, business applications, print formats and document types. Integrating Alchem-e™ CCM Platform with Crawford Technologies Pro Archiver links two feature rich platforms to automate functions centered on delivering on your unique solutions to your customers.

  • Integration: API
  • Automation: Automated document intake and retrieval in support of customer Proof and Approval and internal QA
  • Workflow: Content can be enhanced with accessible tags, which comply with accessibility regulations
  • Visibility: Make print streams available to customer service and consumer portals

Xerox DocuShare and Alchem-e

Xerox DocuShare remains one of the most flexible, easy-to-use enterprise content management (ECM) repository. Xerox DocuShare helps you organization store, and manage content centrally rather than in dispersed file shares or siloed applications. Integration with Alchem-e™ connects your DocuShare repository with your operations connecting your digital and physical workflows with visibility and access to retrieve and store documents.

  • Integration: API
  • Automation: help your organization automate business processes around your content for greater agility
  • Workflow: Powerful workflow capability includes routing and product rules, automating of operational processes
  • Accountability: Log, audit and report all system and content actions

Microsoft SharePoint and Alchem-e

Share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, quickly find information, and seamlessly collaborate across the organization with Microsoft SharePoint. Integrate Microsoft SharePoint with Alchem-e™ CCM platform to leverage operational workflow controls with enterprise collaboration and content management tools within SharePoint. Connect Alchem-e™ engine with metadata stored in SharePoint to drive rules processing. Leverage SharePoint file storage architecture with Alchem-e™ to support Proof and Approval and document retention processes.

  • Integration: REST/OData API
  • Visibility: Drive organizational efficiency by sharing common resources and applications on portals
  • Workflow: Accelerate productivity by transforming processes from simple tasks like notifications and approvals to complex operational workflows
  • Analytics: With intelligence at its core, SharePoint gives you the insights and assistance you need to do your best work every day

Document Imposition Automation with Ultimate Technologies and Alchem-e

Ultimate TechnoGraphics develops technology solutions to automate and facilitate imposition and finishing for the industry.  If you are considering a digital print environment, a web-to-print business, Ultimate’s Impostrip Automation solution provides true lights out, hands free, true reliable imposition automation. Integrated with Alchem-e™ CCM platform standard file ingestion and production management workflow control your organization can realize the value of end-to-end automation.

  • Integration: API and JDF Tools
  • Automation: Automatic control over page positioning and markings maximizing efficiency
  • Workflow: Connect Impostrip to your MIS or store-front for workflow automation
  • Control: Makes short run jobs more profitable through advanced JDF/XML automation

GMC CCM Software(Now Quadient) and Alchem-e

Quadient® is enabling companies to connect with people to deliver great experiences through exceptional, meaningful and accurate communications. Quadient’s Inspire solution makes it easy for compliance personnel to manage, track, audit, and approve regulatory language quickly and easily. Integrating Quadient’s Inspire with Alchem-e™ CCM Platform connects the front end CCM content management and composition processes with mission critical processes managed by Alchem-e™ providing command, control, and visibility to workflow processes for the organization.

  • Integration: API and JDF Tools
  • Automation: Communications are created in a single design platform and delivered to customers via their channel of choice
  • Control: Business users are given access to parts of documents through an online web editor
  • Visibility: Visibility into every customer touchpoint across the entire customer journey and enables you to take action when required

XMPie Enterprise Print and Alchem-e

XMPie is a provider of variable data software solutions, helping businesses create and manage direct marketing and cross-media campaigns. XMPie’s Enterprise Print is a server-based, scalable and configurable platform focusing on Variable Data Printing (VDP) production. Integrating XMPie’s Enterprise Print with Alchem-e™ CCM Platform links together your digital front end workflow with your physical production workflow to include final delivery through all multi-channel suppliers.

  • Integration: REST API
  • Workflows: Cross-Media Add-Ons to move you beyond print production
  • Control: Campaign activities can be scheduled in advance with recurrence patterns
  • Visibility: visualization of all phases of a multichannel marketing campaign-from conceptualization to campaign creation, through to execution and results monitoring