Document composition is essential in the printing of large volumes of variable data documents to enable personalization, ensure efficiency and accuracy, maintain brand consistency, meet compliance requirements, automate workflows, achieve cost-effectiveness, and enhance the customer experience.

By leveraging document composition techniques, corporations can optimize their printing processes and deliver highly effective, personalized communications to their recipients.

Users can input raw data files and pre-composed documents, and output documents in various digital formats for multichannel communications.



Alchem-e™ Doc Creator is an intuitive composition tool designed for business people. It excels at handling intricate transactional documents and marketing communications.

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Seamless Template Mapping

Doc Creator reduces IT dependance and optimally maps out variable data from your data sources into your composition engine.

Simplified Template Creation
and Maintenance

Doc Creator designs document templates through an intuitive user interface and, if necessary, supplements them with information on the layout for digital channels or print output.

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