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How Racami works with Utilities

Racami understands the challenges utility companies and dual billers face when it comes to managing payments effectively and efficiently. That’s why we’ve developed Alchem-e™ Pay, a cutting-edge payment processing solution tailored to the unique needs of the utility industry. Alchem-e™ Pay empowers utility companies and dual billers to
simplify and streamline their payment operations, ensuring seamless transactions, enhanced customer experiences,
and optimized financial processes.

How Racami helps Utilities

Racami provides utility companies with the tools they need to transform payment processing. Alchem-e™ Pay ’s
features, including payment portals, secure data handling, and flexible deployment options, ensure that utility
companies and dual billers can modernize their payment systems and drive operational excellence. The platform integrates seamlessly with existing processes and systems, allowing utilities to automate bill presentment, accept
digital payments, and offer a variety of payment methods. Alchem-e™ Pay not only simplifies payment processing but also enhances customer satisfaction, reduces manual workloads, and positions utilities and dual billers at the forefront of modern payment technology.

Use Cases

01. Streamlining Payment Operations

Alchem-e™ Pay simplifies payment operations for utilities, ensuring seamless transactions and improved financial processes, leading to enhanced customer experiences.

02. Modernizing Payment Systems

Racami helps utilities modernize their payment systems with Alchem-e™ Pay, offering payment portals, secure data handling, and various payment methods. This simplifies payment processing, reduces manual workloads, and enhances
customer satisfaction.

03. Driving Operational Excellence

Utilities integrate Alchem-e™ Pay to drive operational excellence, streamlining payment processes and positioning themselves at the forefront of modern
payment technology for efficient operations and improved customer satisfaction.

04. Enhancing Customer Experiences
Racami collaborates with utility companies to enhance customer experiences through simplified payment operations. Alchem-e™ Pay reduces customer effort, leading to higher satisfaction, a critical factor in the competitive utility industry.

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