Companies rely on accurately printing, inserting, and mailing documents based on customer expectations. However, customers may provide documents in various formats, which can hinder productivity and cost-saving efforts. Document reengineering helps overcome this challenge by allowing your organization to standardize document formats and streamline the workflow.

The post-composition tools such as Racami’s Alchem-e™, enable corporations to optimize the efficiency of their operations. By automating certain processes, such as data extraction, sorting, and formatting, the software enhances productivity and reduces manual effort. This results in faster turnaround times, improved throughput, and increased overall efficiency.


Automate data extraction, sorting and formatting so you can reduce manual effort and result in faster turnaround times and improved throughput.

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Simplified Job and
Document Re-Engineering

Alchem-e™ Re-engineering capabilities enable users to change jobs and documents without going back to composition. This allows production to make run-time decisions without involving IT. PDF indexing simplifies the process of collecting information about jobs for re-engineering and archiving purposes

Versatile Re-Engineering

Alchem-e™ can re-engineer different features, add and replace barcodes, handle postal processing for already composed jobs like PDF and PS jobs, remove and add pages, add text, graphics, and messages, perform message management, and batch and combine jobs.

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