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TPP ensures a hassle-free experience resulting in happier tenants who don’t like to pay bills and want flexible painless options to submit payment.

Tenant Payment Portal - Revolutionizing Rent Payments

Simplifying rent payment process with Tenant Payment Portal

TPP is a digital payment system that simplifies the rent payment process for tenants and landlords. With its user-friendly interface, security, and automated notifications/reminders, TPP ensures a hassle-free experience resulting in happier tenants who don’t like to pay bills and want flexible painless options to submit payment.



Managing rent payments manually can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Tenants often struggle with payment deadlines, leading to late fees and strained landlord-tenant relationships. Property managers face challenges in tracking payments, reconciling accounts, and ensuring timely collections. Additionally, managing payments without integration to property management software can result in discrepancies and inefficiencies, leading to incomplete financial records and data entry errors.

Tenant Payment Portal (TPP) offers a seamless digital payment solution that simplifies rent collection for both tenants and landlords. With TPP, tenants can easily pay rent online, set up recurring payments, receive automated reminders, and access their payment history. Landlords benefit from streamlined payment processing, real-time payment updates, and enhanced communication with tenants. TPP integrates with property management software, ensuring accurate accounting and simplified payment management.

Tenant Payment Portal
Tenant Payment Portal - Rent Payment Solution
Tenant Payment Portal - Payment Processing Solution for Rent Payments

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If you want your tenants to login and pay, then they will do that from your branded portal that is seamlessly integrated with TPP, or they can pay without logging too. TPP is flexible and full of features that support what you want to offer. You choose where they go to, how they pay, get notified and get reminded to pay.



When tenants walk in and talk to one of your clerks to pay, you want that payment system to be connected to the online system.TPP ties together the online and the off-line worlds, so you have a single source of truth for collecting money. You can even put a TPP Kiosk in your lobby for people to serve themselves without having to talk to one of your clerks.



TPP provides different dashboards so you can have better control, not only the tenants have a special dashboard when they can make their payments, set their communication preferences, look their history of bills and get information like their upcoming payments due dates. The landlords can also have their dashboard so you can check your payment statuses, revenue numbers and access your reports.



Tenants can use different types of payments like credit/debit cards, eCheck, or automated clearing house (ACH) payments. They can also set up recurring payments, eliminating the need to manually initiate payments each month. And if you’d like to allow your tenants to pay less than the entire amount of the monthly rent, then you can turn on that feature and TPP will process partial payments and feature accounting system the amount paid.

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Tenant Payment Portal Brochure

Tenant Payment Portal Brochure

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