Racami Announces Alchem-e Pay 2.0: Redefining the Future of Government & Utility Unified Payment Collection

Racami Announces Alchem-e Pay 2.0: Redefining the Future of Government & Utility Unified Payment Collection

Atlanta, GA—February 20th, 2024. In a groundbreaking move, Racami unveils its revolutionary all-inclusive Government-Citizen communication platform, prioritizing the consolidation of revenue collection across governmental bodies. 

Racami’s cutting-edge business process outsourcing solution revolutionizes the public sector, fostering efficiency and responsible stewardship of taxpayer funds. This innovative unification of process and technology addresses challenges encountered by government agencies involved in revenue collection. Rather than managing multiple vendors for mailing, online payments, point-of-sale transactions, and other communication channels regarding tax obligations, water bills, and service fees, Racami is driving streamlined operations.  

By adhering to Racami’s approach of consolidating vendors and technology across various departments, federal, state, and local governments can expedite revenue collection, minimize operational costs, and enhance citizen trust and satisfaction. An important aspect of Racami’s offering is a tailored platform designed specifically for US governmental entities, leading them into a more efficient revenue collection model while fostering improved citizen-government relations.   

Matt Mahoney, Executive VP for Racami, notes, “Over the past 15 years, governments have responded to citizens’ preference for digital engagement and payments. However, this evolution has been imperfect and led to disjointed citizen communications, increased data handling errors, missed deadlines, and inflated costs associated with revenue collection.”  

Racami’s holistic approach integrates the four fundamental components of revenue collection—citizen communications, billing, a unified portal for multiple agencies, and both offline and online payment processing—into a singular business process outsourced (BPO) arrangement. “Why have three vendors when you can have one?” States Racami’s David Mierez, Business Development Executive focused on Public Sector. “It is very hard to achieve the level of citizen engagement needed in today’s world by operating the same way you did 10 or 15 years ago.”   

This integrated solution simplifies transactions from billing to final accounting, enhancing data security and regulatory compliance. Catering to the modern citizen’s preference for digital interactions, Racami ensures that paying taxes and utilities becomes a seamless experience.

Racami’s solution positions government leaders as pioneers of technological advancement, earning the trust and support of a tech-savvy electorate. By embracing Alchem-e Pay, agencies showcase their dedication to progress and citizen-centric service. 


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Racami is a rapidly growing software and IT services company dedicated to enhancing customer communication, improving production processes, and supporting digital payments across various industries. With a focus on making customer communication faster, easier, and more effective, Racami provides cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses worldwide. 


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