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What does Racami do?

Racami makes life easier for everyone who has a stake in producing and distributing customer communications. We do this by applying technology, staff, and expertise to your company. Your goal might be to reduce operating costs, comply with government regulations, speed up printers, better schedule your work, automate processes, perform multichannel delivery and EBPP, give your customers a dashboard, whatever it is, if it has to do with mass producing documents, books, marketing materials, mail pieces, emails and texts, we can help. This includes inbound bill payment.

Racami is a fast-growing and innovative multi-national software and IT services company that improves the performance of customer communication processes and advances multi-channel initiatives. Racami is revolutionizing the way customer communications are produced and distributed using its flagship customer communications management (CCM) platform Alchem-e™. In addition to their software, Racami provides industry specialized professional services and software development for insurance, financial, healthcare, book publishing, and marketing companies.

What is Alchem-e™

The Alchem-e™ platform is software that makes your operation run better. You wrap it around what you already have to make a master system for information, control, automation, and quality.

Alchem-e™ is a dynamic CCM software platform that supports the mass production and distribution of customer communications. In addition, Alchem-e™ integrates a graphically rich dashboard for command and control of the operation, and a rapid setup of automated processes; along with an advanced workflow management system that tracks activity, automates tasks, secures data and empowers people with the tools and information they need to do their jobs better. It’s well-suited for in-house print production centers, service providers and marketing organizations.

Unlike other CCM solutions on the market, the Alchem-e™ platform allows you to keep your existing equipment, technology and production software to avoid long and costly migrations. Adding Alchem-e to your environment optimizes your operation and you’ll manage it better than you ever have before.

How can I schedule a demo?

You can schedule a demo here, by emailing: sales@racami.com or calling our office: 678-730-7700. A person from our sales team will contact you as soon as possible.

How do I contact Racami support?

You can contact Racami support by email: support@racami.com or phone: 678-730-7700.

Please ensure the following information is provided to assist you as soon as possible:

  • Contact information including: name, phone number and email address
  • Company information
  • Product name and version
  • Severity level
  • Description of the issue you are experiencing and the duration
What services does Racami provide?

Racami’s managed IT services and staffing solutions provide business and technical expertise that enables organizations to achieve their goals fast and cost-effectively. We support companies across a broad array of industries with customer onboarding, technology migrations, merging facilities, software development, and QA. Additionally, our qualified team of experts can help you overcome a wide variety of technical problems that will allow you to take advantage of business opportunities to advance your operation in the most productive way. Whether you want to be more efficient, better serve your customers or generate more revenue, we put our expertise to work for you.

What kind of companies work with Racami?

For over ten years, Racami has created solutions for CCM providers, service bureaus, PSPs, in-plants, healthcare, direct marketers, transactional processors, book publishers and government services across North America, Europe, and Asia. Solutions that give visibility to the information that your omni-channel customers demand, maximizing operational efficiency and revenue potential.

Why is a CCM tool important today?

A customer communications management solution like Alchem-e™ enables users to maintain and build relationships with their customers through the delivery of personalized customer communications. By using the CCM software, companies are able to target and deliver the right information to their customers through the channel they prefer (mail, email, sms, web), improving like this decision-making rates, ROI, productivity levels and overall customer experience.

On top of that, it helps unite fragmented technology, and creates a master system that provides the users with relevant information and automation tools to do their jobs better.

Want to know more about our flagship customer experience check out our blog: Why You Need a CCM Integrator and schedule a demo here.


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