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How Racami works with PSPs

Racami collaborates with print service providers to enhance their operational efficiency and document processing workflows. Through its Alchem-e™ system, Racami integrates various tools and processes, offering print service providers a comprehensive platform that optimizes production and delivery of customer communications. This seamless integration allows print service providers to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and deliver high-quality personalized communications efficiently.

How Racami helps PSPs

Racami partners with over [50] print service providers to enable them to achieve operational excellence, generate increased revenue, and maintain a competitive edge. The Alchem-e™ platform empowers these providers to automate print production and fulfillment processes, enhance collaboration among teams, and improve customer communication effectiveness. With Alchem-e™, print service providers can efficiently manage various aspects of their workflow, from document composition to multi-channel distribution, thereby delivering exceptional value to their clients and maintaining their market leadership.

Use Cases

01. Efficient Document Processing

Racami’s Alchem-e™ automates document processing, reducing manual work, and errors, streamlining operations, and cutting costs for print service providers.

02. Personalized Customer Communications

Alchem-e™ enables print service providers to create personalized, high-quality communications across channels, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

03. Improved Team Collaboration

Racami’s platform fosters collaboration among teams, providing a central hub for project management, real-time progress monitoring, and seamless information sharing, leading to more efficient operations.

04. Sustaining Market Leadership

By automating production, offering multi-channel distribution, and maintaining flexibility, Racami helps print service providers attract new clients, increase revenue, and stay competitive in the market.

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