Racami Announces Launch of New Employee-Led Podcast: 2 Blondes and a Printer

Racami Announces Launch of New Employee-Led Podcast: "2 Blondes and a Printer"

Atlanta, GA— Racami, a prominent player in the software and IT services realm of the printing and communication industry, is unveiling its newest podcast: “2 Blondes and a Printer,” a dynamic podcast spearheaded by industry luminary Anna Hockett and tech-savvy Katelin Shanks. The podcast is not just about what’s happening in the day-to-day grind, but also delves into the broader issues confronting commercial printers, transaction printers, and direct marketers. 

 “2 Blondes and a Printer” aims to shine a spotlight on the Print & Mail industry, often unfairly labeled as ‘obsolete’ or ‘fading,’ according to Katelin Shanks. “Rather than seeing it as a dying industry, we view it as one that’s going through rapid evolution. Printers have always relied on technology to put marks on paper, so longevity comes from keeping that attitude about technology and adjusting to support more productivity, alternative forms of output, and new business models.” 

“Our podcast dives into the latest print technologies, tackles industry hurdles head-on, and draws lessons from the past to chart a course for the future,” added Anna Hockett. Each episode promises an engaging lineup of guests, ranging from seasoned industry veterans to women leaders and forward-thinking innovators. 

With Anna’s rich background in software, print, and mail complementing Katelin’s expertise in cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, and web development, “2 Blondes and a Printer” offers a comprehensive exploration of the challenges, triumphs, and ever-changing dynamics of the printing industry. It’s a must-listen for anyone involved in print and mail, whether they’re experienced professionals or newcomers embarking on their journey. 

The podcast will be available on Racami’s Youtube Channel and on Spotify. 

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Racami is a rapidly growing software and IT services company dedicated to enhancing customer communication, improving production processes, and supporting digital payments across various industries. With a focus on making customer communication faster, easier, and more effective, Racami provides cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses worldwide. 


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