Racami Launches Tenant Payment Portal to Revolutionize Rent Payments

Tenant Payment Portal

Atlanta, GA — Today, Racami, a leading technology solutions provider, announced the launch of its groundbreaking Tenant Payment Portal (TPP), a state-of-the-art digital payment system designed to transform the way rent and housing-related fees are processed and managed. Helping a broad spectrum of the housing market, including government-assisted housing agencies, private property managers, and homeowner associations, TPP is set to redefine convenience, security, and efficiency for both tenants and landlords. 

TPP distinguishes itself with an array of user-centric features, including: 

Free System for PHAs and Property Managers: The basic TPP system is free for property managers. Each time a tenant pays their rent, they will pay a reasonable transaction fee for the convenience of paying digitally. 

Online Payments (“Pay-Your-Way”): Offering tenants the flexibility to pay through a secure portal branded for the PHA or property manager. 

Point-of-Sale Integration: Enabling in-person payments via kiosks or over the counter where a clerk is logged into the payment system. This ties the brick-and-mortar payments to the online system for consistent transaction processing. 

Tenant Reminders: Your tenants set their preferences for how to be communicated with and TPP can send email notifications and reminders to tenants to pay their fees and rents. 

Tenant and Landlord Dashboards: Providing informative, personalized spaces for managing payments, viewing transaction history, and accessing comprehensive reporting tools. 

Flexible Payment Options: Supporting a variety of payment methods and plans, including recurring payments, partial payments, and the ability to pay rent in advance. 

Robust Security: Ensuring peace of mind with top-tier security measures, including meeting the ISO27001 standard, PCI DSS certification and SOC2 compliance. 


With TPP, Racami aims to address the evolving demands of the modern rental market, ensuring timely payments, reducing administrative burdens, and fostering better communication between tenants and landlords. The platform’s integration capabilities allow for a smooth flow of payment data, updating property management systems in real-time and providing a single source of truth for all transactions. 

“TPP is more than just a payment processing tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to improve the rental experience for everyone involved,” said Matt Mahoney, Executive VP Sales & Marketing at Racami. “By automating and simplifying the payment collection process, we’re not only enhancing operational efficiency for landlords but also offering tenants a level of convenience and transparency that is uncommon in today’s property management environment.” 

As Racami rolls out the Tenant Payment Portal, it sets a new standard for digital payment processing in the housing industry, promising a future where rent payments are no longer a chore but a simple, secure, and satisfying part of modern living.  



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