Due to the expansion of communication channels, consumers now have more control than marketers over the buying process. Customers have more choices than ever before regarding how they receive information. Therefore, adopting a multi-channel marketing strategy is essential to reach your target audience. A multi-channel approach enables businesses to engage with customers across all their preferred platforms and devices. In fact, according to DataDrivenInvestor, 72% of consumers prefer connecting with brands and businesses through various channels.

Additionally, with the help of the Alchem-e™ system, users can create templates to personalize electronic communications, have a secure document archive for retrieval over the internet, and track deliveries through channels.


The Alchem-e™ platform offers multi-channel and preference management capabilities that allow corporations to send the right information using the right channel.

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Provide a Flawless Experience

Across the Entire Customer Journey

Racami’s Alchem-e™ multi-channel capabilities enable businesses to prioritize brand interactions around their customers’ needs, making it easier for customers to connect with your brand.

Offer Visibility into Your

Customers’ Journey

Customers want to be seen and understood by your brand in order to form a relationship. The only way to set your business apart and acquire customer loyalty is to fully understand their needs and particular preferences. To achieve this, Racami’s Alchem-e™ multi-channel capabilities provide visibility into individual consumer preferences and communications that have been sent. 

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

Inside of Alchem-e™, brands can review the success of their multi-channel campaigns. The robust reporting and analytics capabilities allow decision makers to review performance and make adjustments to future jobs.

Centralize All Communications
in One Place

All users agree that Alchem-e™ strength relies on its robust customer communications capabilities and excellent performance under one roof. Organizations that choose Racami as their CCM / CXM software provider understand that their Alchem-e™ system will grow and evolve with their business.

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