Storefronts allow clients to place print orders conveniently from anywhere, anytime. They can access the storefront through a web browser and browse through available print products, customize their orders, and submit them without the need to visit a physical location or make phone calls.

Clients can instantly receive quotes, preview their designs, and even get real-time feedback on the suitability of their files for printing. This automation saves time for both the clients and the service provider, improving overall efficiency.


By using Racami’s Alchem-e™ storefront, print service providers can automate various steps of the ordering process.

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Simplified Print Ordering

With Alchem-e™ storefront, clients can easily navigate through different print options, select the desired specifications (such as paper type, size, finishing options, etc.), and upload their print files. This streamlines the ordering process, reducing the time and effort required to place an order.

Seamless Integration

Alchem-e™ storefront provides instant proofs before submitting to production, a shopping cart, integrated payments, and reordering options. Additionally, it can be integrated into management information systems, enterprise resource planning systems, and billing systems for streamlined operations.

Achieve Greater Flexibility

Alchem-e™ storefront enables print-on-demand and variable data printing for greater flexibility and customization.

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