Racami Introduces Comprehensive Enhancements For its Alchem-e™ CCM Platform

Racami Introduces Comprehensive Enhancements For its Alchem-e™ CCM Platform

Atlanta, Georgia On July 15th, Racami, the CCM software and IT services provider, announced today a thorough update of their leading customer communications management platform, Alchem-e™. The 6.5 update addresses industry needs for tighter security, faster deployment, enhanced multi-site production management, multi-channel distribution capabilities, and low code workflow automation tools.

The improvements include:

Enhanced Workflow Designer

Low code for fast deployment. More prebuilt steps and tools for facilitating multi-channel workflows. Redesigned more intuitive user interface. It also has a stronger relationship to the Alchem-e™ dashboard, so the people designing workflows have more insight into how their workflows provide information on the dashboard.

Multi-Site Production

The multi-site production upgrade provides the ability to absorb the differences in inventory part numbers, job numbers, and other controls by having Alchem-e™ transform the business information as well as the jobs themselves to improve compatibility between the facilities. When users log in, they see information that make sense to them no matter what facility they’re monitoring.

More Security

The latest security advancements are multi-factor authentication and field level encryption. Enhancements include more granular access permissions and the ability to hide information on screen per user type.

Multi-Channel Distribution with Tracking

The new capabilities in v6.5 help send as well as track what’s happening in the channels, so users can respond to consumers and guide them through a positive customer journey. Orchestrating communications between channels is supported by the customer journey tracking in one channel that triggers new outbound events in other channels.

You can watch the product release video here: https://bit.ly/Alchem-e6-5


About Racami—Racami LLC is an innovative multi-national software and IT services company that improves the performance of customer communication processes and advances multi-channel initiatives. Racami is revolutionizing the way customer communications are produced and distributed using their flagship customer communications management (CCM) platform Alchem-e™. In addition to their software, Racami provides industry specialized professional services and software development for insurance, financial, healthcare, book publishing, and marketing companies.

For more information about Racami visit www.racami.com

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