Racami Announces Smart Payment Solution with Pre-Built Customer Experiences

Racami Announces Smart Payment Solution with Pre-Built Customer Experiences

Atlanta, Georgia—On Wednesday March 17th, the software, IT services and staffing company, Racami, announced the release of its brand-new smart payment solution, Pay+, that adds value to its leading Alchem-e™ suite of products. Pay+ is an automated and digital bill presentment and payment solution that facilitates out of the box customer communications to drive digital adoption, with little to no IT involvement.

Pay+ makes it easier by offloading the management of infrastructure, software, and customer communications to a more productive model. This new model is simple because organizations already print and mail their bills, so all they need to do is send those same print files into Pay+ and it takes care of the rest. “Our purpose with Pay+ was to create a user-friendly, quick and smart payment solution that understands consumer preferences and prioritizes the customer experience and multichannel delivery” expressed Matt Mahoney, Racami’s EVP of Sales & Marketing.

Pay+ is more than just a payment processor. It is a payment solution with:

  • Pre-built and proven customer experience workflows that accelerate payment collection
  • Smart marketing engine that increases digital adoption
  • Quick and easy customer onboarding process without the need of IT involvement
  • Fully integrated and ready-to-use workflows to nurture customer relationships and create happy customers

“We were able to spend time researching payments and testing our concepts with real people who pay their bills online. After months of research and testing, I’m proud to say we built a payment solution your customers are going to be thankful to use.” Explained Elizabeth Gafford, Racami’s Product Manager.

Learn more about Pay+ here: https://racami.com/payplus-brochure

About Racami

Racami LLC is a fast-growing and innovative multi-national software and IT services company that improves the performance of customer communication processes and advances multi-channel initiatives. Racami is revolutionizing the way customer communications are produced and distributed using its flagship customer communications management (CCM) platform Alchem-e™. In addition to their software, Racami provides industry specialized IT services and software development for insurance, financial, healthcare, book publishing, and marketing companies.

For more information, please visit www.racami.com

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