Racami Introduces a Newly Redesigned BI Reporting Platform in its Alchem-e™ 6.4 Update

Racami Introduces a Newly Redesigned BI Reporting Platform in its Alchem-e™ 6.4 Update

Atlanta, Georgia—On Wednesday August 8st, Racami, the IT services and software company released an improved version of its Alchem-e™ software platform for high-volume production of customer communications. A key feature of the new version is the low-code drag-and-drop interface that simplifies the creation of reports. Alchem-e‘s unification of multiple databases and systems gives business users a single place to access information and evaluate the health of the operation. The software upgrade provides other improvements for both IT and business roles where information and automation drive daily activities.

The Alchem-e™ software helps direct marketers, transactional processors, book publishers, and corporations onboard jobs faster, manage multiple facilities, secure data, and simplify their environments by combining products from different vendors into a master system. According to Matt Mahoney, EVP of Racami, “This new version of Alchem-e™ helps organizations more easily make sense of consumer and production data. Knowing more about how communications motivates consumer behavior is key to increasing profits, and similarly reacting to the performance of the operation that is producing the communications affects the bottom line.”

Racami introduced Alchem-e™ over ten years ago for the print and mail industry and continues to push the limits on dashboard and workflow management systems. Among the improved features are:

  1. New Reporting and Business Intelligence System
    The new reporting tool enables users to create dynamic charts using a low-code drag-and-drop technology that empowers its end users to create customizable reports in one place, organize secure reports and draw information from multiple databases.
  2. Easier Onboarding and Normalizing Data/Jobs into Alchem-e
    Several features were added to ingest more complex data/jobs into the Alchem-e™ system for automated processing. Among the new ones are file routing rules for pre and post-processing at various steps, performing actions based on data elements within files or the Alchem-e™ database, conditional processing based on data values, and the execution with conditions of a stored procedure.
  3. Multiple Approval Workflow Enhancements made to the proofing system provide more ways to collaborate on proofing at various stages in the workflows. New features include the ease to configure multiple approver workflows, definable proofing steps within a workflow in Alchem-e™ FLOW designer and a product setup screen with the option to require proofing.
  4. JDF/JMF and API Support for Printers
    Tighter integration is now available with Konica Minolta Webjet via API, which allows for better error recovery and feedback from the printer to the Alchem-e™ dashboard. Additional Xerox printers were added to the list of JDF/JMF supported devices. Web scraping is available for a select group of Ricoh continuous-feed inkjet printers to provide printer statutes when printers have no other means to provide an electronic status.
  5. More Efficient Batching and Sequencing with Alchem-e™ Print Manager
    The Batching and Sequencing systems have been updated to allow operators to arrange the sequence of jobs that have been selected to be sent to the printer as a group, and to combine jobs into one vs sending individual job print files to the printer.
  6. Additional Workflow Steps
    Additional activities are available in the Alchem-e™ FLOW workflow engine. Many of them are focused on manipulating PDF. The workflow engine is still extendable where developers can create their own re-usable steps to supplement the steps included with the standard engine.
  7. Order Management (Storefront)
    The storefront document composition designer has been enriched with the ability to create more complex documents.
  8. User Tab Customization
    End users can rename tabs according to their preferences. This allows each user to establish their viewing preferences in the Alchem-e™ UI.

The new features are expected to enhance Alchem-e’s user experience and vitalize the flow of their operations.

About Racami—Racami LLC is a fast-growing and innovative multi-national software and IT services company that improves the performance of customer communication processes and advances multi-channel initiatives. Racami is revolutionizing the way customer communications are produced and distributed using its flagship customer communications management (CCM) platform Alchem-e™. In addition to their software, Racami provides industry specialized professional services and software development for insurance, financial, healthcare, book publishing, and marketing companies.

For more information, please visit www.racami.com or email us at sales@racami.com

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