Racami to Bring the Power of Alchem-e to PRINTING United

Racami to Bring the Power of Alchem-e to PRINTING United

Matt Mahoney, executive vice president – sales at Racami, says that printing plants suffering from what he calls “fragmentation of technology” can find the production harmony they’re looking for in Racami’s exhibit at PRINTING United (Dallas, Tex., October 23-25, 2019).

Racami furnishes the harmony in the form of software solutions that coordinate print manufacturing processes so that printers can make the best use of their production tools in a workflow that’s automated and visible from start to finish.

“While standard print management information systems are effective for the front-end job specs, estimating, warehousing, and the back-end accounting, MIS systems don’t know what to do with files and don’t make work happen,” Mahoney notes. “Generally speaking, they also don’t talk to software and hardware systems to tell them what to do and to record the activity as it is happening. This automation is not part of traditional print MIS systems. That’s where Racami’s Alchem-e system comes into play.”

Racami is demonstrating how companies can solve a wide variety of quality, productivity, billing, and production issues in booth 11654 at PRINTING United. Consisting of Alchem-e Dashboard and Alchem-e FLOW, the platform merges disparate technologies, systems and processes into a cohesive, efficient, and measurable whole.

“We glue it all together into a master system,” Mahoney declares, explaining how the Alchem-e platform integrates and automates process steps in a continuous workflow that is fully visible at all stages of production. In this way, he says, the Alchem-e Dashboard functions as “a single source of truth” for the entire operation, giving print service providers the insights they need to produce and distribute their products more efficiently.

At PRINTING United, Racami will also show for the first time their Customer Data Platform (CDP). Racami will demonstrate how Alchem-e’s CDP features help marketers and those responsible for customer care by recording the events that take place as customers interact via websites, mobile devices, telephone, email, and chat. In this way, says Mahoney, marketers can gain tremendous insight from Alchem-e’s unification of consumer activity.

Founded in 2008, Racami currently does most of its business in the transactional space. The broad opportunity that PRINTING United gives the company to expand its presence with commercial printers, publishers, direct marketers, and other graphic industry segments is what prompted Racami to sign on as an exhibitor, Mahoney says.

A new event of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) and supported by NAPCO Media, PRINTING United offers a new perspective on profiting in segments from garment to graphic, packaging to commercial, and industrial to in-plant. BRAND United, a co-located educational program, complements the experience with content aimed at brand owners and other customer audiences.

The keynote of the event, which has attracted more than 500 exhibitors and is close to fully booked, is convergence: the migration of print service providers into new market opportunities beyond the ones on which they’ve traditionally focused. This is a trend that is opening doors for Racami, according to Mahoney.

“What we’re seeing on the transactional side is press capacity opening up while the customers are waiting for their monthly mailing deadlines,” he says. “So, they say to themselves, let’s start thinking about direct mail and other applications to fill up some of that capacity.” Racami can help them do it, Mahoney says, with solutions for expanding the scope of their outbound and inbound communications.

At PRINTING United, Racami – also a sponsor of NAPCO Media’s recent Inkjet Summit event – will use its success in the transactional space as a selling point to the new users it hopes to attract. Its presentation will emphasize that in transactional printing, every piece has to be perfect – and that Racami can bring the same kind of precision print manufacturing to other market segments as well.

With Alchem-e, Mahoney says, “there’s no margin for error.”

About Racami

Since 2008, Racami has provided technology solutions and hosted and managed services that enhance the manufacturing management and distribution processes of multi-channel customer communications to clients in a broad array of industries across North America, Europe and Asia. Racami’s Customer Communications Platform is recognized throughout the industry for providing high-value capabilities and services. By integrating existing tools within the production environment, Alchem-e enables users to streamline operations, cut costs, improve compliance, and more effectively engage their markets in an increasingly complex business environment.

About PRINTING United

PRINTING United, a new event owned and operated by SGIA in partnership with NAPCO Media, will launch in Dallas, Texas, October 23-25, 2019. Focusing on the opportunities presented by the convergence of printing technologies and markets, PRINTING United will cover print and finishing technologies in industry segments from garment to graphic, packaging to commercial, and industrial. Its objective is to convey all components of integrated solutions to satisfy virtually any client need.

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