The Alchem-e™ platform is a dynamic CCM software that supports the production and distribution of customer communications in the print and mail industry. In addition, Alchem-e™ integrates a graphically rich dashboard for command and control of the operation, and a rapid setup of automated processes; along with, an advanced workflow management system that tracks activity, automates tasks, secures data and empowers people with the tools and information they need to do their jobs better. It’s well-suited for in-house print production centers, service providers and marketing organizations.

Our powerful platform provides fast & easy access to all aspects of your operational environment by connecting disparate technologies, systems and processes.

Furthermore, unlike other CCM solutions on the market, the Alchem-e™ platform allows you to keep your existing equipment, technology and production software to avoid long and costly migrations. Therefore, using Alchem-e’s technology in your current processes will optimize your operation and manage it in the most efficient way possible.

Alchem-e platform

Available as on-premise application or hosted in the cloud

The Alchem-e™ platform features a dashboard (Alchem-e™ dashboard) and a workflow customization tool (Alchem-e™ FLOW) that can be used stand alone or integrated to solve production and communications challenges in today’s digital dynamic environment.

Alchem-e™ Dashboard

Features a graphically rich user interface coupled with the insight tools needed to manage document production and distribution. Specific modules are designed so you can monitor the pulse of your operations and stay in constant connection with customers.

Metrics & Reporting

For your enterprise production, metrics provide quick, consolidated views into important KPIs including operational processing, omni-channel distribution, service-level administration, sales & financial performance and more.

Summary Workflow Progression

Monitor job-level workflow progression and know what processes are completed and what processes are yet to be completed.

Scan Station

An advanced user interface enables floor personnel to utilize 2D handheld barcodes to update manufacturing operations from system-generated job tickets.

Approval View

Users and operators can view, approve, hold or reject a job or individual records within a job for a given production workflow. Additional information can be added to a job to support approval processes and all actions taken are fully tracked/available for audit.


Provides a view into inventory, replenishment, history, and product management. Integrates with current inventory ERP and management systems. Displays product descriptions, thumbnails, and quantity on hand.


Quickly find exactly what you’re looking for in a specific file, a particular job, a unique record. The search tool lets you interrogate production data to get information you need to make decisions.

Files & Job Tracking

Instantly see all you need about every file sent to your operations. Check who sent it, what it is, where it is, when it’s due, who needs to approve it and other critical data points needed to manage the operation.


The flexible project and task management applications allow you and your team to plan, track and collaborate on multiple projects within the platform


Leverage your data to create, customize and schedule the reporting you need, including critical SLA schedules, operations, job progression, email campaigns, and production efficien

Archive Search

Enables authorized users to perform robust, multi-criteria document searches. Built for speed, the module lets users to view recent search history, as well as save favorite searches for future use.

Order Management

Web-to-print storefront enables customers to construct, proof and order static or customized and variable data-driven applications from a product catalogue. Alchem-e™ ingests the order, provides automated email notification upon placement and tracks manufacturing and shipping.

Alchem-e™ Workflow

Is a powerful easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface for developing process automation within your operation. Users design and create automation around processes, including multi-faceted enterprise workflows that make short work of task scheduling, trigger management, input/output management, database activity

Alchem-e™ Workflow eliminates the need to use a developer to write code related to a specific customer workflow. Here’s a step-by-step example of a flow that can be fully automated using Alchem-e™ Workflow:

  • You receive a file from a customer
  • The file comes to your secure FTP
  • The file needs to be unzipped
  • The unzipped file needs to be qualified for specific attributes
  • The files need presorting
  • A proof needs to be sent to the customer for approval

Alchem-e™ Workflow automates processes like this one using low code technology for a fast and customized way to move jobs through production.

Alchem-e Flow

Alchem-e™ Pay

Instantly present bills and take payments online with little to no IT involvement. Alchem-e™ Pay makes it easier by offloading the management of infrastructure, software, and customer communications to a more productive model.

Collecting payments online used to be hard before Alchem-e™ Pay. You’d have your IT department connect your website to a payment processor, figure out how to securely store the documents, and present them online. Create the automation to send emails and text messages letting people know that their bill is ready and reminding people to pay as the due date approaches or passes. It places a heavy load on the IT department and those that produce the communications every day.

Go beyond getting paid, Alchem-e™ Pay manages the full aspect of your counties bill presentment and payment including back-office administration.

  • Communications for faster and better adoption of electronic payments
  • Process Automation, Tracking, Performing Tasks
  • Bill composition and printing
  • Integration services with the existing environment
Alchem-e Pay

Alchem-e™ Proof

Upload a simple proof in a matter of a few clicks, and for more sophisticated proofing workflows, you can create projects that have multiple approvers, sends automated notifications, and allows you to track progress.

Your life just got easier! No more chasing down approvals, much easier posting of proofs for customers to view, fewer meetings, faster turnarounds, and better communication between you and your customers. Plus, the added benefit of protecting sensitive information, documents, and data.

With Alchem-e™ Proof, users can create, access, and manage specific versions of documents throughout the approval process, when needed. Historical changes are saved in the File Details tab and can be accessed for comparison purposes.

  • Create and access prior document versions easily
  • Auto-Compare any two versions side by side and share findings with reviewers
  • Automatically give reviewers access to all versions uploaded
Alchem-e Flow

Alchem-e™ Edge

Alchem-e™ Edge prepares jobs for efficient production and communicates real-time order status throughout the manufacturing process, making commercial printers and book manufacturers more productive.

Alchem-e™ Edge intelligently constructs book jobs for optimal production and it does it automatically to avoid segmented manual steps such as grouping like orders, imposing pages, barcoding, preflighting, sequencing book blocks and covers, and otherwise preparing jobs for specific production lines.

Alchem-e™ Edge is tuned to do the important work that takes place before you send jobs to your printing equipment.

Companies that you know, trust Alchem-e™ Edge to run their jobs the right way every time. You can too.

Alchem-e Edge - Software for Book Manufacturers & Publishers

Transform Your Operation With Smart, Automated Workflows

Transform your operation with intelligent and automated workflows that empower business users with low-code automation, free-up your IT for more productive work and deliver effective process automation through a web-based drag and drop interface.

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